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Contact today all Victorian Parliamentarians demanding they refuse Daniel Andrews’ 12 months extension to the Emergency lockdown powers of the Public Health and Wellbeing Act.
​If you do not, the lockdowns will continue to interfere with your jobs, businesses and family life and extended social networks. Six months of lockdowns has failed. There is a better way.

This needs to be done urgently. Direct your friends and family to do the same today.


1. Email today the short form letter below to all members of parliament below.   Also call each electoral office asking for the member to vote NO to the 12 month extension. 

2. Cut and paste the message below or use the DOC of PDF files as a template.

3. Email the letter  to all members of parliament. Use the emails listed below  or the CSV Excel file also below. The email format uses, first name and surname separated buy a dot.

4. It is better if you use each Parliamentary member’s name in your salutation.
Date the letter. Type your name at the bottom of the letter.

5. If you’re also sending emails for a spouse or friend, please use a different  email address from your own..


Dear Member

Re Proposal to Extend State of Emergency for Indefinite Period

I refer to Daniel Andrews proposing to amend the Public Health and Wellbeing Act to extend the existing State of Emergency orders. He seeks an indefinite period beyond the current six-month limits.

​​I ask you to vote AGAINST any extension and accept no variation or compromise.

Can I have your assurance you will NOT amend or extend the Public Health and Wellbeing Act’s state of emergency orders? 

(your name)​

Victorian members of parliament contacts list is here

Short and long form letters are here


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